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Not just a photographer…Craig tells a story, a photographic story

Craig Wetjen - Award Winning Accredited Master Photographer (MPhotog I)

Connection – that’s what my life is about.

Connecting with others – through my photography, socially, physically, emotionally – that honest, beautiful relationship with people. That’s what makes me 'ME'!

It began with the landscape and a camera nearly 30 years ago. It has led me on a photographic journey like no other I could’ve imagined. My professional life has been an exciting roller coaster of wins and losses, learning and travel.

The “creative” brain feels more deeply and passionately about their work and due to circumstances beyond my control (a serious health diagnosis) my priorities had to change. The mind is a powerful tool, and this became the perfect opportunity to redirect my passion into something entirely different for me.

Something to soothe my mind.
An opportunity to give back to the community.
An escape.

My personal project photographing 'Men and Their Shed's' has given me the opportunity to rediscover myself. It has introduced me to men (and their families) of great integrity, genuineness and creativity – who value their shed as their refuge – their safe place - their place to soothe the mind, escape, have freedom and yet connect. I sit and I listen, we talk and share stories, creating a relationship along the way.

Now, I teach photography full time. It’s redirecting my passion in another way. I teach my students that making an image is only 1 percent of the final outcome. The other 99 percent is the connection you have with the subject – whether it be the landscape or the individual.

My project becomes a reality in August 2016, with the publication of my book 'Men and Their Shed's' . Who knows where this journey will lead me then…

* Craig is also a Beyond Blue Ambassador and has undertaken many speaking engagements raising the awareness of men’s health – both physical and mental.

      Men and Their Shed's Photography book project  

Men and Their Shed's photography book project

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